Meatless Meal Idea Roundup

Have you heard of Meatless Monday?

It’s kind of an unofficial movement that on Monday you make meatless meals. How’s that for alliteration?

If you typically eat meat, going meatless every so often is a great idea. I find that in many cases, even though I’m not a vegetarian, I’m gravitating to the dishes that just so happen to be meatless. It’s a great way to reduce meat consumption, discover new recipes you might not have tried, use new cooking methods, and add new favorite meatless meals to your dinner menus.

Here’s one thing that’s very important: don’t confuse meatless with boring, bland, salads-only, unfilling, or uninspired. You definitely don’t want to make that mistake. These meatless meals I’ve listed below are all very filling, lots of flavor, plentiful meals that will leave you planning for more meatless meals.

Which one will be your favorite?

Sun-dried Tomato Lemon Basil Pasta
Green Beans with Lemon Zest and Toasted Almonds
Curry Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Almond Butter Tahini
Enchilada Twice Baked Potatoes
Curry Coconut Cauliflower
Baked Mac n’ Cheese
Roasted Sweet Potato and Broccoli Rice Bowls
Creamy Curry Pasta
Penne Vodka

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