About Catherine

Hi there!

So welcome to the “About Me” page that I put off writing for a very long time.

What’s so hard about writing a simple page about myself? Well, it’s just something that doesn’t come naturally to me. Do I write in first person? Do I make it weird and refer to myself as “she” and “her” even though everyone knows I’m the one writing this “About Me” and it’s not someone biographizing me? How do I write about myself that doesn’t come off boastful or pompous?

Well, let’s just dive in here. I’ve already solved the first dilemma, I’m doing this thing in first person. So, hi, I’m Catherine the founder of A Seasoned Greeting. I came to love cooking after I graduated college and moved to the amazingly beautiful Charleston, SC and was living in my first apartment. After I got married (for the first time lol) in 2010 I was even more interested trying to get better at cooking and I joined a forum where most of the women there had cooking blogs. Right there, I got bit by the cooking blog bug. Now, if you go back to my posts and take a look at the years 2011-2013 be ready to laugh. The pictures, oh my. Could someone please introduce me to natural light and decent camera? But, time passed. My marriage ended, I lost the passion to cook and was totally unable to write a blog post. Writing during that time felt like someone asking me to run a marathon. I wasn’t able to be vulnerable, or to share with my readers even the most mundane things.

Then, things changed for the better…for the way better. I met my current husband, got married, got pregnant and had a darling little girl who was the missing piece to my life. Oh, a little extra bonus is my husband had a DSLR camera which meant the photo game got a major boost. Now I’ve taken on this cooking, recipe developing, food photography, and blogging with a new and even more passionate outlook. I strive to make approachable meals that aren’t intimidating and use an interesting mix of ingredients. I love dinners that can be whipped up after a long day at work, but that doesn’t mean they’re basic or boring. I call it, elevated easy.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and the content I share. If you like seeing delicious food photos please follow me on Instagram @aseasonedgreeting

Now…let’s eat!

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