Apple Danishes

overhead shot of the apple danishes on parchment paper with caramel drizzle.

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Bakery quality apple danishes right from your oven! Filled with cinnamon and nutmeg spiced apples and a vanilla cream cheese. Puff pastry makes these deliciously flaky!


1 puff pastry sheet, thawed (takes about 40 minutes to thaw)
1 cup diced Granny Smith apples (about 1 large apple, or 2 small apples)
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 tablespoon flour
2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon salt

For the vanilla cream cheese
4 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
1 and 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract


1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Begin to prep your puff pastry sheet into the strips for the mini danishes. See photos above for step by step tutorial! First cut strips slightly less than 1″ wide. I was able to cut 14 strips. Twirl each strip into a corkscrew. To make the mini danish, take one corkscrew and form into a circle, making sure to tuck the end of the strip underneath the danish and making sure the edges are slightly higher than the center to create a well in the middle. Place on the baking sheet and repeat with the remainder of the strips.

2. Bake the danishes (without any filling) for 5 minutes.

3. While the danishes are prebaking, make the apple filling. In a medium pot, melt the butter. Add the small diced apples and stir til they are coated in the butter.  In a small bowl, combine the flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg then add to the apples and stir to coat. Cook on medium low for 5 minutes.

4. Make the vanilla cream cheese by combine the softened cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Set aside until you’re ready to assemble the danishes.

5. Fill the prebaked danishes with some of the vanilla cream cheese, then top with the apple mixture. Bake the danishes for 15 minutes.

Enjoy! You can add a drizzle of caramel sauce if you’d like!


Please refer to the photos in the post for instructions on how to make the danish swirls from the puff pastry strips.

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