Restaurant Food Photography

Developing recipes and cooking up new and exciting dishes is only a piece of the food puzzle. Another very important piece is showing captivating food photography, illustrating the savory sauces, the vibrant colors, and or the rich decadent chocolates.

Food photography powerfully engages us to want to cook that dinner tonight, or bake those cookies, or entertain and make those adorable buffalo chicken meatballs. It makes us feel like we’re sitting at that same table, like we can reach through the image and grab a spoonful.

As a restaurant owner, what does that mean for you? Your food photography needs to speak to people in two ways: show the one-of-a-kind mouth watering food and show the ambiance of your restaurant. Just as important as people wanting to see the food they might eat, people want to see where they might be sitting…where they might be sipping that crisp cold glass of white wine. I create food photography that makes people feel, makes them hungry, and most importantly, makes them hungry for your food in your restaurant.

Hungry for more? If you’d like to level-up your restaurant’s food photography let’s talk:

Catherine is a food photographer based in Bayonne, NJ. All photos seen on this page are Catherine’s work.