Banana Cream Pie

So here is something I finally got around to making from my 28 while 28 list. I really think I should just rename the list “28 Ways to Show Everyone How Bad I Am at Commitment” since I really only get 6-7 items done in a given year.

My love affair with banana cream pie started in college, as it was a frequent item on the dessert bar in the campus cafeteria. Honestly, it was more of just banana flavored whipped cream, and I don’t think a real banana ever came close to the pie, but nevertheless I love it. The problem was, and trust me this was a huge problem, the graham cracker crumbles on top looked almost identical to the toasted pieces of shaved coconut that topped the coconut cream pies. Now, to someone who rarely wore their contacts, you can see how one could easily mistake the two pies. There was no bigger let down that cutting a sliver of the whipped deliciousness, sitting down to enjoy the first epic bite, only to discover it was the crappy imposter: coconut cream pie.


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