Cajun Fried Rice

Now, no one died and made me the queen of blogging in their Last Will and Testament. Nor do I pretend to be an award winning food photographer (see photo below); however the endless hours I’ve spent over the past few years browsing countless blogs has led me to create my 6 Characteristics of Cringeworthy Blog Writing.

1. 5,261 photos of the same thing. When looking for a recipe, I have the attention span of a 6 week old kitten. If I have to scroll past photo after photo after photo of what appears to be the exact same photo to search for the ingredient list I’ve lost interest.

2. Giving me your hour by hour itinerary of what you did that day. If 10 paragraphs detailing every uninteresting minute detail of your day stand in the way of my eyes and the recipe I’m trying to get to, I’m moving on.

3. Being pretentious. When a phrase is written, crossed off, and followed by a rewording. Yes, I just did it; but I only did it to prove my point, jeez.

4. Making me click another link to get to the recipe. If there is more than one click involved I revert back to the attention span of 6 week old kitten. Much to the same tone if I have to sit through a :30 ad before a Youtube video I’d rather spend those :30 searching for one without an ad.

5. Blogs that try too hard. I have a distaste (no pun intended) when I get the sense that it is trying to hard to be coy or edgy with the content or writing style. Littering your posts with f-bombs doesn’t make you edgy or unique, it makes you look annoyingly desperate.

6. Highlighting every DIY project. I love a good DIY project, but I have little desire to view and read about an adults equivalent of a 1st grader’s macaroni art project. I once saw a tissue paper bouquet that looked like a box of Kleenex drank Pepto Bismol and then vomited.

-1 Andouille sausage
-1 red bell pepper, diced
-1 boil in a bag brown rice
-1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning
1. Dice sausage and saute with the diced red peppers over medium heat about 7-8 minutes to brown.
2. Cook rice according to package instructions. Add cooked rice to pan with sausage and peppers. Add 1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning. Cook over medium high heat 6-7 minutes to fry.

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