Chorizo Baked Eggs

Nothing like a hearty breakfast to get you going for the today! And this gets brownie points for being incredibly easy with minimal cleanup required. The chorizo has just enough kick to it without being overly spicy, and the basil and garlic powder really set this apart from any normal eggs ans sausage dish. This would also make a great addition to a brunch menu for entertaining!

So I guess it’s spring now? I wouldn’t know, being that I still have the heater running and the air is still lingering in the 30’s and 40’s. I won’t be greedy and ask for 75 degree weather now…but at least may 60? I can live with the for a while. At least is would be somewhat enjoyable to walk around outside without having to bundle up and the wind still whips right through your jacket. At a time like this I’m really missing Charleston.


-5 eggs
-1 chorizo sausage
-4-5 tablespoons milk
-1/4 cup mozzarella cheese
-1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
-1/4 teaspoon salt
-1/4 teaspoon pepper
-1/4 teaspoon basil
1. Preheat the oven to 350. Brown the chorizo in a pan for 5-6 minutes.
2. Crack eggs into a pie dish and pour in the milk. Gently whisk the milk to combine with the egg whites, being careful to not completely break the yolks. Add the chorizo and mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle over top the salt, pepper, garlic powder, and basil. Bake 20 minutes. Server with buttered toast.
Source: Simone Anne

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