Steak Cake

For my husband’s birthday last year I decided I wanted to make him an extra special cake. I made him the iPhone Cake. It was my first time ever working with fondant, and sparked my interest in cake design. I really don’t enjoy baking the actual cake, so I usually use boxed cake (gasp!). I’d rather focus my time making a delicious frosting and decorating the cake.

This year I got the idea to make him a cake that looked like a steak dinner, since he loves steak. I Googled around and looked at other photos of steak cakes and read some tips. I baked a 9×13 red velvet cake and carved it into the general shape of a steak. I used my normal fondant recipe and used gel food coloring. I mixed red, yellow and a dash of blue to make the brown coloring. From what I noticed in pictures, I preferred the ‘steaks’ that had a sheen to them, I though the matte colored fondant didn’t look real enough. To do this, I first dyed the fondant brown and placed it on the cake. With the remaining brown coloring, I mixed into about a cap full of vodka and painted the cake. The alcohol will evaporate and you’re left with the color, and it does not dissolve the fondant like water will. I used a chopstick to make the “grill mark” indents, and then painted them in with black food coloring mixed with a little vodka.

It was really fun to make the side items! The mashed potatoes are just cream cheese frosting. I squeezed some yellow gel food coloring for the melted butter and dyed some fondant for the butter square. The peas and carrots are just dyed fondant…I think it looks pretty realistic!
The cake was red velvet and I made a pinkish cream cheese vanilla frosting to make it look like rare steak! This was a big hit and my husband absolutely loved it! Now onto thinking about what to do next year…

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