I had an abolutely amazing Thanksgiving!!!! I was so so happy that my mom and little brother were able to drive down from NJ and spend a few days here in Charleston with me and my husband.

On Wednesday, they got in a little later than expected since there was bad weather all along the East coast so we went to a small local bar & grill right by our house called Blue’s. Not only was it 1/2 price burger night, but ladies got 1/2 off their liquor drinks too! At dinner, my mom and husband lovingly pointed out to me that I made a crucial error in my mashed potato calculation. I had only bought 3 large potatoes to make mashed potatoes with and they were both aghast by this lack of potato. Of course, we made an emergency run to the grocery store to buy a sack of potatoes.

Thanksgiving day was a blast. We started with the tradition of watching the parade and eating Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns. During the day we eat snacks and play board games. This was my first year making a turkey, and I kept having nervous thoughts that it would turn out like the one from Christmas Vacation! With my mom’s help though, it came out perfect. It was so moist and juicy with the perfect amount of crsipyness to the skin. Here are some pictures of my table, turkey, and plate full of food!

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