Mexican Burgers

Summer is officially in full swing here in Charleston, and I have to say I love it! Although the weather stays pretty mild well into December, a Charleston “winter” is from about January to mid-March. Nevertheless, we welcome the hot weather as we thaw out from the bone chilling 40 and 50 degree temperatures we must endure during the winter. Yes it can get entirely too humid sometimes and 80 degrees can be considered a ‘cool’ day, but there is nothing quite like a Lowcountry summer. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is being able to go out on my brother-in-law’s boat and just anchor up to one of the many sandbars or little islands in the rivers and just float in the water and drink a cold beer. There is definitely a lifestyle here that you can’t get much of anywhere else. I’m still a Jersey Girl, but right now I feel at home right here in Charleston. And to those of you that have never been to the Lowcountry, I challenge you to visit here and not fall in love with it…it is almost impossible.

To me, burgers are synonymous with summer. I wanted to put a fun little spin on a burger. With my Mexican Burger, I’m challenging Taco Bell’s “Think Outside the Bun” slogan by putting Mexican cuisine right back on the bun! This is really easy to whip up, and you can put your favorite taco toppings on it too. I like mine pretty simple, which is why I only used salsa and sour cream.

Ingredients (yields 3 burgers)
-1 pound ground beef
-1 packet taco seasoning (I used Ortega for these, but I prefer Old El Paso)
-3 slices sharp cheddar cheese
-3 tablespoons mild salsa
-3 teaspoons sour cream
-3 toasted burger buns
1. In a mixing bowl, combine the ground beef with the entire contents of the taco seasoning packet. Season with salt & pepper to taste. Form 3 burger patties.
2. On the grill over medium-high heat, grill patties 5 minutes each side, flipping once. Our until desired cook temperature is reached.
3. Remove patties from grill and place one slice of cheddar cheese on each. Place burgers on baking sheet and place under the oven broiler for 3 minutes, until cheese is fully melted.
4. Top with a tablespoon of salsa and a teaspoon of the sour cream and serve on a toasted bun. Make it unique by adding your favorite taco toppings!

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