5/15 Couponing

This week’s couponing was better for toiletries than food. The past few weeks I’ve been able to stockup on pasta, rice, canned corn, and chicken so I wasn’t too concerned that there weren’t many food deals that I wanted to buy. Starting Wednesday, Harris Teeter will TRIPLE coupons under .99, so I’ll hopefully be able to find some awesome deals on food.

The three items I am most pleased with this week are the Gilette Fusion Pro Gilde Razor, the Pantene, and the 36ct box of Tampax Pearl. Harris Teeter offers coupons that load right onto your customer card, and these “eVic” coupons can also be combined with a paper coupon for that product. Here is how these worked:

                     -The Razor retailed for $11.99, but it was on sale today for $9.99. I had a $4 off coupon AND a $4 off eVic coupon on my card, so I got the razor for $1.99!

                    -The Tampax 36ct box retailed for $8.99, but was on sale today for $6.49. I had a $2 off coupon AND and $2 off eVic coupon on my card, so I got the box for $2.49!

                     -The Pantene shampoos retailed for $4.45, but were on sale for 2 for $7. I had a $3 off 2 coupon AND a $3 off 2 eVic coupon on my card, so I got both shampoos for $1.

This Saturday there was a program called “Stamp out Hunger“. All you had to do was hang some non-perishable food items in a bag on your mailbox and the mail carrier would pick them up and bring them to the local food bank. It felt good that I could participate in this program because I’ve created my stockpile of food. I donated cans of corn, boxed potatoes, and pastas from my stockpile yesterday.

Here’s what I got:

-2 packages of Milano cookies
-2 Gillette body washes
-3 bottles French’s Worcestershire sauce
-4 tubes Colgate toothpaste
-1 Fusion Pro Glide Razor
-2 cans Gillette shaving cream
-1 box 36ct Tampax Pearl
-2 bottles Pantene shampoo
-2 6-packs of Keebler mini-pie crusts

Total Spent: $18.36 (of which $3.23 was tax)                                   Total Saved: $56.30

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