4/30 Couponing

Harris Teeter was doing their Super Double coupons again this week! I still have a ton of chicken left from when they were doing their buy 1 get 2 free sale, so I didn’t have to pick up any meat today, plus my husband caught some Mahi Mahi yesterday! Here’s a list of everything I got!

-3 bags Friskies cat food
-2 boxes Sucrets
-3 bags Birds Eye frozen rice
-2 packs Buitoni angel hair pasta
-2 boxes Ortega taco shells
-3 boxes Bayer aspirin
-2 jars Classico sauce
-1 Irish Spring deoderant
-1 Heinz ketchup
-2 bottles Lysol cleaning wipes
-1 3-pack Jello Temptations
-1 bottle Pepsi Max
-4 bags Mahatma rice
-3 bags Tostitos
-1 jar Tostitos salsa
-3 packs Ivory soap
-4 tubes Crest Pro-health toothpaste

-1 Tidy Cat litter

Total Spent: $24.98                                Total Saved: $106

2 thoughts on “4/30 Couponing

  1. Thanks! And yes, there are coupons for things that we normally buy and that are not all junk. And the point is, since I'm getting all these things very cheap I can spend money on fruits/veggies/meat during the week. I normally buy those things on a weekday depending on what I cook that week, not during my coupon shopping.

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